The Swansea Sailing Club was established in 1989 to allow local people an affordable way to sail without having to have their own yacht. The sailing club is run on a non-profit basis, in affiliation with the Oddfellows Friendly Society. Sailing club members benefit by being able to use the club yacht and having other members to sail with. Members then help to look after the club boat (a 23′ Hunter Sonata yacht called Sixpenny Moon ), assist new members with their sailing and generally promote the running of the club. 

The club yacht is berthed in Swansea Marina – this allows sailing in Swansea Bay, or for the more experienced around the Gower coast and Bristol Channel.

Members range from those persons who are just learning to sail through to experienced RYA Yacht Masters.  Members who have a basic sailing knowledge but are less experienced can be accompanied by members with more experience.